Rebuking Satan’s Voice

Jesus said, “My sheep will hear my voice”. Unfortunately the majority of African boys are not being trained on how to differentiate the Lord’s voice from Satan’s. This failure on our part (the community elders), hinders them from becoming valiant and mighty warriors for God, serving Him YOUNG (Ecc 12:1). In this short video, you will see one of The Cave of Adullam’s 7 year old students Beninayah listen to the voice of Satan, and as a result, he lost confidence within minutes of the spiritual part of his Ahät Päs test. I recognized it immediately and taught him how to resist and rebuke the liar. The Holy Spirit continued ministering when his father had to complete his test by executing 20 pushups with his son on his back. This is a normal formality of completing the initaition test into the Cave of Adullam, but this time the Holy Spirit told me to push my student’s father past what he expected, so that Beninayah will see a living example of the power of resisting Satan’s voice. Below you will find a short video clip of when this lesson was taught during Beninayah’s test. Click HD for better quality.

Shalom & Ahab
Shärath Jason Wilson